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Improve your health through physical exercise!

Ten years ago I became aware of the growing need to create a personalized and specific type of physical exercise aimed at people with pathologies who were engaging in physical activity without control or supervision.

The current pandemic has caused generalized exhaustion of people, has affected or drastically decreased the level of physical activity and has increased depressive symptoms, anxiety and irritability, as well as, joint mobility problems, muscle pain and sedentary lifestyle.

For this reason, I am willing to help you to break this state in which you may find yourself and help you, little by little, to gain physical and mental health.

Por eso, estoy dispuesta a ayudarte a conseguir romper este estado en el que te puedes encontrar y hacer que, poco en poco, puedas ganar en salud física y mental.

Physical Exercise as a Therapeutic Model

Personal Training for health

Online Personal Training


How can it benefit me?

Biological Benefits

Improves fitness and endurance

Reduces or eliminates pain

Increases and improves muscle tone and strength

Controls body weight

Increases and improves flexibility

Strengthens joints

Improves balance and avoids falls

Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease

Psychological Benefits

Helps maintain intellectual abilities through brain oxygenation

Keeps our senses agile and attentive

Reduces anxiety, insomnia and depression

Improves self-esteem and self-image

Improves social relations

Helps you relax and sleep better

More likely to live longer.

Improves sexual health


Where do we train?








The community speaks for itself

What are you waiting to be one of them?

Aniri DacostaAniri Dacosta
18:18 04 Oct 23
My experience with Berta has been very positive, I usually train after leaving work and at that time you are already a little tired that she is able to make you forget with her motivation and good energy. In my case, who suffers from Scoliosis, he has developed a routine that adapts perfectly to my needs. With it I have managed to strengthen and improve the muscle tone of my back and shoulders. In addition, I have learned, thanks to his corrections, the proper way to perform the exercises so that they have the desired effectiveness and not hurt me. She is a very good advisor in terms of postural hygiene and thanks to that in the office I have managed to eliminate bad habits when sitting in front of the computer during the work day, which helps me not be so slouched. I am very happy with the evolution we have achieved and without a doubt I would recommend it 100%.
Arantxa A.Arantxa A.
12:50 04 Oct 23
I have trained with Berta in two stages of my life and with very different objectives, and she has always known how to adapt very well to help me with what I needed. I recommend anyone, whatever their physical needs, to train with Berta.
Oliver FernandezOliver Fernandez
14:00 01 Oct 23
I have had Berta as my personal trainer for more than 5 years, and I only stopped her training when I moved from Barcelona. If, like me, what interests you about sports is to stay fit, active, be well, feel good and look good as the years go by, do not doubt that with Berta you will achieve it. She will be in charge of finding the best personalized routine for you, and you will be sure that you are doing the most effective training for your physical condition and goals. You just worry about sweating!
Carlota AlejandreCarlota Alejandre
06:23 27 Sep 23
Berta has been the only person who has been able to make my body ask me to exercise and get into a routine. I noticed the difference pretty quickly. She is a super trainer, good person and funny. A 10!
A great professional. He accompanied us in confinement with great training, not only physically but mentally.I prepare us to be in shape in such difficult times. Very close and dedicated to her work. She is a great professional, methodical, careful to avoid injuries using simple and very easy techniques. 100% RECOMMENDED.


How have they experienced it?

If you want to know how I can help you to improve your quality of life, take a look at the experiences of others who, like you, needed to incorporate sport as therapy for an ailment.


Tengo Esclerosis Múltiple y me cuesta caminar, así que me decidí a empezar a entrenarme con Berta porque viene hasta mi casa y todos los ejercicios que hacemos me vienen muy bien para movilizarme y mantenerme activa. Empezamos con una sesión semanal pero enseguida opté por hacer dos sesiones. Y la verdad es que estoy muy contenta. Al terminar el entrenamiento, Berta siempre me ayuda a levantarme pero el otro día conseguí hacerlo yo sola!! Ojalá siga recogiendo los frutos del lema de Berta "mou-te i venceràs!". La recomiendo al 100%. Es lo mejor que puedes hacer por ti mismo si estás sedentario pero si como yo tienes alguna enfermedad, ni lo dudes!
- Mariangeles Peña

Des del començament amb la Berta Pelegri, m'he sentit molt reforçada fisicament i mentalment. Els exercicis, fets amb aoarent suavitat, resulten molt tonificants. Esdevens una deixeble permanent de la Berta Pelegri
- Carme Domènech

Berta is always full of stamina and filled of good vibes. She´s very professional but at the same time makes you feel very confortable during your workout. During her clases she´s always making sure that I was doing the exercises correctly, that I was being challenged and he always kept it interesting.
- Maria Santos Conceiçao

Que tingui aquesta motivació i ganes d’entrenar després d’una setmana laboral només ho ha aconseguit la Berta, gran professional de l’entrenament personal!
- Carolina Abril Lorca

Una de les entrenadores personals mes complerta i dedicades que he conegut. La seva tasca amb la gent amb problemes fisics es inigualable.
- Moises

Berta es una súper entrenadora personal. Siempre amable saca el mejor partido de cada clase y he visto resultados en muy poco tiempo. Además siempre está sonriendo y varía mucho la rutina, lo que te motiva bastante y te hace sentirte bien.
- Maria

Después de casi 4 meses entrenando con Berta me siento muy contenta con lo que estamos consiguiendo. Uno de mis objetivos es bajar de peso pero creo que el principal siempre ha sido recuperar la forma física para mejorar mis problemas de espalda. Las sesiones las hemos hecho en diferentes entornos (terraza de un piso, parques, gimnasio) con muy buenos resultados. Esta flexibilidad de domicilio ha permitido que pudiese retomar la actividad física más fácil ya que puedo compaginarlo con mi horario cambiante de trabajo. Los entrenamientos son variantes en intensidad y ejercicios. Berta siempre está abierta a sugerencias y gustos lo que hace que el entreno se disfrute más. Muchas gracias Berta!
- Ana

Vaig començar a fer gimnassia personalitzada amb la Berta perquè feia temps que no feia res, bàsicament soc una mica mandrosa, i em sentia poc àgil. Mica en mica i amb la seva paciència em vaig anar posant a to. Em van disminuir les contractures de l’esquena, em va millorar el moviment de les articulacions i em vaig sentir més lleugera en general. Dos cops per setmana, no n’hi podia dedicar més, és una bona mesura.
- M Teresa

Entrenar con Berta me permite mantenerme en forma sin verlo como un sacrificio. Su positividad y profesionalidad hacen que, de verdad, dejes las excusas a un lado y te tomes tu salud fisica en serio. Un 10!!
- Oliver

Vaig conèixer la Berta quan estava postrat al llit de l'hospital per un càncer. Venia cada dia a fer-me la mobilitat i el treball de força i estiraments per sentir-me millor. I gràcies als seus coneixements d'anatomia, corporals i posturals i als seus consells que vaig anar millorant cada dia i vaig recuperar el to muscular. Molt satisfet!
- Jordi Soteras